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Kristen White

The Business Beyond your Book
How to Create a 6+ Figure Online Business with Your Transformational Book

Haley Gray

How to Build a Thriving Group on Facebook

Alexa Carlin

Turning Thoughts Into Action: How To Make An Impact & An Income By Being Yourself

Jody Jelas

Fails, Fantasy & LadyBall Confidence

Dr. Sherrie Campbell

How Can You Love Yourself Into Success?

Nina Radetich

Amplify Your Brand Using Video

Calien Ascher

Create Success on YOUR Terms (3 Day Workweek)

Kim Bullock-Hennix

Transform Your Life From Lack to Luxury

Karie Millspaugh

Employee to Entrepreneur and the Mindset Required to Make the Leap!

LaRae Quy

Why You Need Mental Toughness

Angela Giles

The Art of Soulful Selling

Michelle Duffy Rudden

Understanding Your Customer -The Key to Success on Social

Dr. Natalie Forest

Success Revolutions: The Hidden Power of Patterns

Lynda West

F.E.A.R. - Fake Energy Acting Real - How to Work Through Fear

Nadine Haupt

Speaking But Not Making Sales? The Critical Mistakes That Keep You From the Money...and How to Fix Them

Kerry Manning

Why You Need a Personal Brand to Raise Your Profile and Get More Sales

Sherry Gideons

Understanding Mindset, and How to Master it, in Order to Create the Life You Were Born to Live.

Finola Howard

Your Brand as Truth Teller & Why You
Need It

Debbie Ashley

Build Income, Impact and Influence in 30 days With Content Marketing.

Melanie Boylan

Manage Your Time With Social Media Tools


Introducing: Your Host Galit

As a businesswoman and mother of three beautiful children, I understand the limitations women can experience, but I don’t believe we should be defined by them. That’s why I love to work with independent, savvy and self-directed women who want something more but might not know how to make it happen.

I’m often told I make change look effortless. It’s not, but I know the steps to take because I’ve walked them many times before. With the right direction, the right mentor, and the right team behind you, anything is possible.

Helping other women succeed with passion and purpose is incredibly fulfilling. I’ve been able to achieve amazing success in my life doing what I love.

As a visual person, when you tell me your goals and ambitions, I immediately see them come to life in vivid detail. Together we plan out the road map and I empower you with the mentoring, guidance, and support you need to accomplish your dreams and make them a reality.

I learned the most important principles of business from my entrepreneurial dad while my mom taught me the importance of living. I began working for myself at the age of 21 and haven’t looked back.

As a business graduate, I founded a lucrative commercial real estate company and have enjoyed numerous other successful ventures. I love watching visions and ideas come to life. I also work as an independent business consultant, helping new and existing businesses achieve growth, profit and sustainability.

As an entrepreneur, business mentor, speaker, and philanthropist, I am passionate about empowering women to succeed through my one-on-one mentoring, group mentoring, speaking engagements and workshops. Women are changing the world and the way we do business.

If you would like to know more, including how you can work with me, I welcome you to get in touch with me today.

"I genuinely believe if you do something you are passionate about then you will succeed."

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